Amigurumi Reindeer

The evenings come early, draped in the sweet scents of wood smoke and pine, glittering with artificial light.

I love this time of year.

Time spent nestled deep in your warmest throw, a mug of cocoa spiced heavily with peppermint, the fireplace mantle red and gold and ready for stockings. A good time to nurture the youngest self, the small piece of you that still believes in magic, that holds tight to our oldest stories.

Holidays dusted in snow. An old man in his finery leaving brightly wrapped packages under a glowing tree. Cookie crumbs left on a pure white plate. And reindeer in flight, their telltale bells tinkling high in the breeze.

The wonderful thing about being creative is that we have the gift to bring these old stories to life. Yarn of deep, chocolate brown, gingerbread cookie beige, fresh snow white, holly berry red. Great fistfuls of polyester fiberfill and large, black buttons.

It is a kind of magic, to create a wholeness from these disparate parts. To give to yourself a token of the enchantment of childhood.

Just a little reindeer, snug in his candy cane hat and scarf. Like you, warmed by a mug of something spicy and sweet. Like you, safe, surrounded by the bright light of the season.

Dashing, isn’t he?


Want to make your own? This pattern can be found in Issue 50 of Simply Crochet. Americans be warned! All patterns are in UK terms!

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