Cocoon Sweater

I am searching for strength. For the immovable center. Deeper even than the heart, further down the shadowed core. Truth.

There are those who would deny the blood of your wounds to protect their poorly bandaged egos. Let them. This work can be done only for the self. The study is inward. Made of memory and exchange. This is an ugly journey, don’t be fooled.

Give yourself time to grieve the old things, the hidden hurts. Gather yourself. Knees to chest, arms bound.


This work can only be done from here. Space and time is needed for sorting. For finding the forgotten pieces. Time spent in shadow to learn how to find light.

The body will know when it is time to open, when all the fragments have come back into place. Have patience for this future. It is coming. Have resilience for the pain that is to come in between.



This sweater was made with Alexandra Travel’s Movie Night Cocoon Cardi pattern. Find more of her beautiful work at

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