Amigurumi Penguin

What is the shape of your spirit?

In your heart of hearts, what is the best and most honest version of your self?

I’ve always thought myself a bit of a penguin. Gawky. Squawky. Awkward on land. A bit unnecessarily proper. Prone to fade into the background; easily mistaken for someone else. An unsteady creature born of stark conditions.

But the thing about a penguin is that it’s not really made for land. A penguin is a creature of the sea. Built for cold, open water. A salt sea fisherman.

And maybe this has been my problem all along.

Waddling my way to the back of the line, tripping at each unsteady step, toppling against each strong gust. I’ve always wanted to be at home here. On land. I’m desperate to be a part of the crowd. Normal.

But maybe it’s time to admit I’m meant for other things. Return to the waiting sea. The place my graceless body becomes lithe. A bullet aimed squarely at my pelagic prey. Feed my starved spirit to bursting.

I will, clumsily, try to find my way.


This amigurumi penguin was made freehand with a US H/5.00mm crochet hook and small amounts of black, white, red and yellow cotton yarn.

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