Amigurumi Doll

Today is the first day of Spring and the sky greeted me with gray. Sometimes you don’t get what you want.

My first reaction is to complain. To lament the heavy boots when I was ready for sandals and sunshine on my freshly pedicured pink toes. To waste hours staring across the horizon at the still dark sky looking for patches of blue. After all, aren’t we, all of us, owed such a break from the gloom?

But I know the kinder reaction is to just continue on. To put on the boots and move through the day’s routines: the breakfast to be made, the litter box to be cleaned, the laundry to be washed and folded. To allow myself to be pleasantly surprised by the bits of Spring that rise above the gloom: the heady perfume of the neighbor’s lemon tree, the mockingbird hopping along the gate, beak stuffed comically full with nesting material, the cottontails that have started peeking out from their homes in the underbrush. Small joys.

The realization that such happy moments are made possible only through the letting go of the idea of what I am owed. Because truthfully, I am owed nothing. Surely we all deserve a sunny day, but the sky dealt a gray card, and so that is the card that must be played.

Sometimes happiness takes more effort, but I am ready to work. To seek the color hidden in the gloom.


* * * * *

This amigurumi doll was made with Ilaria Caliri’s adorable Finders Keepers Amigurumi Doll Pattern, which can be found in Issue 29 of Simply Crochet Magazine, or here on Ravelry. Or, you can do what I do and follow her amazing work on Instagram: @airali_gray.

2 Replies to “Amigurumi Doll”

  1. I love this post! I love your doll! I love how the two became stitched together through your storytelling. Well done! 🙂


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