Pastel Rainbow Blanket

I keep much of myself hidden. Do you?

I worry I am too much. I know I think too much. I think spirals of worry that blossom into questions. And there are always too many questions. Like, am I a good person? Am I doing the right thing? Have I done enough to prove I am worthy of this privileged life?

I worry that if I don’t hold this back, rein myself in, that everything will be released. I worry.

Because what if everything isn’t so pretty? Is, in fact, a raging mess? Because my everything is my truth. And what if my messy everything is just enough to drive everyone away?

I worry.

But I don’t want to worry so much anymore. Because maybe everything I am is, in fact, just enough. Maybe everything I am is vibrant and kind and inherently worthy of my place in this beautiful world. Maybe it’s time to forget the shame and stop pulling the curtains to hide the dreary mess. Because, at least these days, I think it’s worth discovering the beautiful color that has been here all along.


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This pastel rainbow blanket was made with a basic single crochet chevron stitch worked through the back loop only with Caron Simply Soft yarn and a US I/5.5mm crochet hook.

Want to see more of my work? Find me on instagram: @acassafrass. Or on Etsy:

2 Replies to “Pastel Rainbow Blanket”

  1. Tami says:

    I love your posts so much. Thank you for sharing your unique style. I especially liked this post, much of what you wrote has also been my thoughts at one time or another. The blanket is lovely and the colors you chose are just perfect. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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