Amigurumi Taco

Good God, I need a laugh. Lately the world seems less to orbit and more to spiral. Down, down, down we go!

I am often surprised by this state of affairs. Perhaps I should take that as a win? Perhaps I’m not as cynical as I once supposed? It just…it seems to me the world could be so much better than this. Because isn’t kindness so easy? And isn’t compassion so rational? Requiring nothing more than the willingness to see ourselves in the Other. The humility to own and accept the faulty humanity we all share.

But perhaps I have been wrong. And perhaps this is the difference that leaves me feeling always the outsider. Because isn’t it really blindness that’s easier? I mean, doesn’t judgement feel buoyant? Doesn’t righteousness feel…exultant? How intoxicating, to be bathed in the knowledge of our goodness. Our betterness. Their badness. And though I try to walk the higher road, I often find myself stumbling down this drunken path. Isn’t this post itself an exercise in righteous judgment?

And what is there to do with all of this? And what about this mess we all find ourselves in? The news, the politics, the scandals, the bombings? I feel I am helpless. And often, just sad. And part of me worries I have no right to feel this way. After all, what could matter less than the emotional stirrings of a privileged white woman from Orange County, California?

Oh, good God I could use a laugh. And maybe a taco. Perhaps I can kill two birds with one stone.


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This amigurumi taco was made freehand with a US G/4.00mm crochet hook and small amounts of Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn.

Want to see more of my work? Find me on Instagram: @acassafrass or on Etsy:


3 Replies to “Amigurumi Taco”

  1. Tami says:

    Thank you. So often I see posts that I am quick with a comment like – “what a lovely pattern” or “isn’t that such a cute design” or some other sentiment along those lines. Although I am being sincere in my compliments to the posts, I have found that when I read yours, I feel a comment like that is not enough. I’m sure I have made a comment like that on your posts before and I apologize when I did not also acknowledge your writing. I have spent the last 10 minutes trying to think of a thing to say that reflects how much I enjoy your posts. Please tell me that you either write or crochet professionally. If you do not, then please let me imagine that you do because it would make me sad to think that someone with so much talent in both of those skills is not earning the rewards that they deserve. So, the best that I can come up with is, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your ridiculously cute amigurumi designs! That taco is really cute!! 😀

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