Amigurumi Moon

Is life just perspective? On clear nights, when you look to the full moon, do you see the man gazing back at you? Or is it the rabbit you find hiding in the lunar maria? Crouched, still, resplendent.

I have to squint to find the man. Tilt my head this way and that. Be reminded which shadows make his eyes, which the hollow of his mouth. But the rabbit was always just there. Nestled just so, on his bed of light.

I like the rabbit. I find him comforting. Perhaps this why I’ve come to dislike the man. He makes the rabbit disappear. My old friend gone and replaced by an awkward stranger.

I can’t see both at once.

Is this why change is hard? Because new truths by their very nature replace the old? Make it impossible to go back to the time before, when there was only one way to see. To be. And isn’t it easier to stick with old, comfortable friends?

I wonder.

Will there come a day I see only the man? Will I reject him in favor of the friend I thought walked this path with me all these many moons?

Could there room for both?


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This amigurumi moon was made freehand with a US F/3.75mm crochet hook and small amounts of white Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn. Facial details are made with felt and hand sewn to face with polyester thread.

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One Reply to “Amigurumi Moon”

  1. Tami says:

    Beautiful and poignant words. Absolutely adorable moon!!! 🙂


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