Amigurumi Chicken

Endings attract reflection. In these long nights before the new year, I again find myself over-analyzing the big questions. Am I living a meaningful life? A worthwhile life?

What is it that this quivering, anxious, energetic body brings to the world? And is it good?

And I still don’t know.

But in the brightness of the short day I remember not to take it all so seriously. To appreciate the little things I have to give. The small talents that bring light. And, perhaps most importantly, the privilege of empty time in which to create.

Space to search for the place in myself where whimsy delights.

This time it finds, of all things, a plump, white amigurumi chicken. A bright blue neckerchief. A ten gallon hat. All stubby wings and chubby toes and rotund belly. I call him Sheriff McCluck. And why not?

It makes me laugh.

And shouldn’t that be enough? An ounce of humor for these black nights. Something cute and cuddly for when even the eldest among us are afraid. For just this minute, to feel a bit of ease, of peace and delight.

Perhaps meaning can be made in this way.

Happy New Year, wherever and however it may find you.


Want to make your own? I based Sheriff McCluck off of this wonderful pattern by Sarah Horrucks!

One Reply to “Amigurumi Chicken”

  1. raychole says:

    Oh, my goodness! His little hat and bandana! 😃


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