Crocheted Cable Socks

What’s to be done with hard days?

Perhaps you, like me, long to return to a time before. A time when we did not know so much and when the world was smaller, safer.

But there is no going back.

Knowledge, once hard won, stays. The body itself is changed. We are continually cracked open, made raw. The cold of the outside world pours in.

I am one to resist this, but in the end there is no fighting these inevitable things. There is no answer but to become as the river and flow. Allow ourselves to be renewed, transformed. To soften the pain of it all with each other.

Permit ourselves to be vulnerable in the face of the other. Let them see the red of our wounds and allow their calloused hands to cradle our quivering jaw. Feel their dry lips on our furrowed brow. Fold ourselves into each other. Skin on skin on skin.

We must give ourselves time to retreat into texture. The bed pre-warmed by the soft body of a long-haired cat. The lightness of freshly washed cotton sheets. The fine grain of the pages of a brand new novel and the heat of a clay mug filled with peppermint tea. When it is time to rise, a fleece robe cinched at the waist and thick, high socks of merino wool.

And always the appreciation of this gentleness. Gratitude for what softness is inherent in our humanity. Hope for the better day that shines in the distance. The knowledge that we have each other to get us there.


These socks were made with the wonderful Parker Cable Socks pattern from Lakeside Loops. If you’re a crocheter, please consider supporting this talented maker!

One Reply to “Crocheted Cable Socks”

  1. Those are super cute! I will definitely check out the pattern.


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